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Mae Baan: khaw-thohd dok-fai phay laeo (Sorry, the light bulb is broken)


Mae Baan: baw dai (Cannot) khoi tawng-gaan seu dawk-fai mai (I need to buy a new light bulb)

Mae Baan: sii-sip-haa phan (45,000 kip)


Mae Baan: khoi si seu yu haan "Electric" (I will buy it at the shop called "Electric")



You: jao bpaeng dai baw? (Can you fix it?)


You: dawk-fai mai la-khaa thaw-dai? (How much does a new lightbulb cost?)

You: jao si seu yu sai? (Where will you buy it?)


You: khawp-chai (Thankyou)


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