turn left- io xai

How far is it? - gai sam-dai? Other Pages
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Getting Around 1

Getting Around 2

Getting Around 3

Getting Around

Turn right - io khua Where are you going? - pai-sai?
Stop here - jawd yu-nii I am going to the bank - pai tha-na-khan
Traffic lights - fai-daeng Where is the bathroom? - hawng-nam yu sai?
Greetings & Basics
Near the... - gaii... Three o'clock - saam mohng

Getting Around

At the Market
Next to... - taw-jaak... 4:15 - sii mohng sip-haa
Around Home
Please go slowly - ga-lu-na pai saa Hour - mohng
Personal Information
What is the time? - jak mohng laeo? Minutes - na-thii
Tomorrow - meu-eun Today - meu-nii
Yesterday - meu-wan-nii Now - dio-nii
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