How much is this?- an nii thaw-dai?

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How much is that? - an nan thaw-dai? Cost - la-khaa
What do you want to buy? - jao tawng-gaan seu nyang? Buy - seu
Expensive - phaeng Sell - khai
Greetings & Basics
Can you make it cheaper? - lut dai baw? Pay - jai

Getting Around

At the Market
Too expensive - phaeng phoht The bill please - khaw bin nae
Around Home
Ok, I will buy - Ok khoi si seu Do you have a red one? - jao mii sii-daeng baw?
Personal Information
Can I pay in dollars? - jai ngern don dai baw I have paid already - khoi jai laeo
baht - baad Where did you buy that? - jao seu yu-sai?
Kip - kip I bought this at the evening market - khoi seu yu ta-laat laeng
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