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How old are you? - jao ah-nyu jak-pii ? Other Pages
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What is your name? - jao seu nyang? Do you have a wife? - jao mii mia baw?
I have a wife - khoi mii mia I don't have a husband - khoi baw mii pua
Do you have children - jao mii luk baw I have (9) children - khoi mi luk (gao) khon
Greetings & Basics
I have no children - khoi baw mii luk What country do you come from? - jao maa tae pa-thed dai?

Getting Around

At the Market
I come from... - khoi maa tae pa-thed... What work do you do? - jao het wiak nyang?
Around Home
I am a teacher at VIS - khoi pen nai-khu yu hohng-hian naa-naa-saad vieng-chan
How long have you been in Laos? - jao yu pa-thed Lao don-pan-dai laeo?
Personal Information
Your salary is what? - ngeun deuan khawng-jao thaw-dai? I have been in Lao for two months - khoi yu Lao sawng deuan laeo
My salary is enough - ngeun deuan khawng-khoi paw-sai Is your wife Lao? - mia khawng-lao maen khon Lao baw?
No, she is a foreigner - baw lao pen falang    
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