Hello - sa bai dii

understand/don't understand - khao-chai/baw khao chai Other Pages
Phonetic Spelling

Greetings & Basics 1

Greetings & Basics 2


Yes - jao know/don't know - hu/baw hu
No - baw I will have/take - khoi si aow
I - khoi I don't want - khoi baw tawng-gaan
Greetings & Basics
You - jao I won't take - khoi si baw aow

Getting Around

At the Market
she/he - lao Excuse me/sorry - khaw-thohd
Around Home
Goodbye - la-gawn no problem - baw-pen-nyang
Personal Information
Pleased to meet you - nyin dii thii phohp jao I'm not sure - khoi baw nae-chai
can/cannot - dai/baw dai I am well - khoi sa-bai-dii
See you again- phohp gan mai See you tomorrow - phohp gan meu-eun
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